Thursday 10.04.12

Today I was a lot less grumpy/emo.
While there was a lot of Smiths action on my playlists today I’ve yet to resort to posting lyrics, so you can take that as a sign that I’m doing ok for now despite being kind of freaked out about the next few weeks and how they’re going to treat me. I try to keep up the PMA (which includes allowing myself to type PMA despite my contempt of it, ASAP and FYI) while dealing with the bad parts as they come. So far it’s been pretty successful.

My friend Erin does a ‘Things I love Thursday” update on her Facebook (started it on her IAM) so I’m going to list some things I love today as a talisman against feeling grumpy.

  • Erin. Obviously. She’s rad and I’m glad she’s my friend.
  • Mara. She should be doing homework right now, but instead she’s talking to me.
  • Occult Vibrations. My tattoo blog. Didn’t think I’d keep it up this long, but.. it rocks. Tomorrow I’m filming a thing on fitness for tattooers. Fun.
  • NYCC. Pushead! I’m going Saturday and don’t have to rush.
  • Morrissey. Deal with it.
  • October. Despite all of the emoness… it’s my favorite month. I’ll eventually get back to it being MY month not ‘our’ month.
  • Cooking. Low fat, lean protein, heavy cruciferous greens…. and making it taste good. I haven’t been cooking enough.
  • Flirting.
  • Bailey.

Today I managed to fit Phantasm into my 31 Days of Horror Films. It didn’t hold up. Not at all. I mostly goofed around online while it played. Hopefully tomorrow is better. I’m thinking something Italian. Giallo. Argento probably. As we get closer to the big day I’ll start watching less horror and more specifically Halloween centered films. And I still need to make Halloween plans.

Photo: Jack o’ Lantern ceramic!


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