Thursday 10.04.12

So my therapist canceled on me again. I’d say that it’s a good thing because I can sleep in instead of going into the office, but I don’t really sleep in, so it’s just one less outgoing expense for the week. Luckily I was able to get out some of the stuff I needed to talk to her about to Erin tonight after seeing Looper, so I owe Erin money?

I’m not sure how that works.

Sometimes I think that movie night is more therapeutic than therapy… and it comes with popcorn, Sprite and (sometimes) explosions. Now I just have to process what Erin and I talked about and finish working through it on my own. I knew that October was going to be rough with a great potential for it getting rougher, so I’m going to be a little grouchy and emo over the next few weeks. Just bear with me here for the next little bit and if I get too mopey (hint: I’ll start posting Smiths lyrics) feel free to send me some love via email and tell me to harden the fuck up.

Erin and I switched movie night to Wednesday this week; a change in routine always confuses me. But the movie we picked was great, so at least there’s that. We saw Rian Johnson’s LOOPER. Regardless of what you expect, the film is probably not what you’re expecting. The trailers (wisely) didn’t go into a fairly major plot point that added a lot of dimension to what could have been a fairly standard time travel flick, and Johnson and Steve Yedlin (who was the DP on Brick, Toolbox Murders remake and Brothers Bloom) turn in an amazingly ‘arty’ looking flick. There’ll be a lot of talk about Joseph Gordon Levitt’s makeup transformation into a younger Bruce Willis- but as you watch him- his mannerisms are dead on. Even without the makeup you’d have no problem believing they were the same person. Really well done; probably one of the best films Erin and I have seen this year.

When I got home, Carmela was at the house installing the Schlage wifi lock for me. So excited. Geek goodness. I’m incredibly prone to locking myself (and often times, Bailey) out of the house. Erin was my go-to key holder since she was a block away, but since she moved I’m down to Jake and Anna, so if they’re not home I’m screwed. The keypad/wifi lock makes it much easier for my inevitable lockouts as well as setting up ‘guest’ codes for my AirBnB guests to use. I had a little tech glitch after she left (the wifi receiver doesn’t reach the router- but Carm has a range extender for me) but otherwise it works great.

Day three of 31 DAYS OF HORROR FILMS came after dinner (pork and scallops over spinach again) with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Two. More Bill Moseley calling people BITCH HOG which sort of makes a film for me. It’s a wonderfully bizarre film- tongue in cheek and ironic, gory and silly. One of the advertisements for the film was a recreation of the Breakfast Club poster for christ’s sakes. The sequels and remakes of TCM all went downhill after 2 and there’s apparently a new 3d movie coming out starring Moseley that looks terrible, but for my money the original and sequel are in my top 20 horror films.

Tomorrow is the start of my work week, so I’m going to have to watch my daily horror film early or late for the next few days. Might mean that I have to take a break from my HELL’S KITCHEN marathon, which sucks because I’m finding myself captivated (in a sleazy way) with  Holli Ugalde. I’m now one of ‘those people’ with reality shows? I guess that’s one of the (many) downsides of being single. I even found myself cruising, looking for a companion for both me and for Bailey. I spend a lot of time with him, but when he’s alone I think he’d do well with a buddy. My plans for remaining single and having an army of Italian Greyhounds starts here. 10 of them. All in coordinated outfits. All as old and surly as me. Just trying to get all my old single guy cliches lined up now so I can slowly ease into being that guy.

Photo: Halloween goodies at Superfresh. 


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