Wednesday 10.03.12

I’m in a bit of a melancholy mood tonight.
I was looking for a picture for a friend earlier and ended up seeing a few pictures that really affected my mood. It’s left me feeling a bit lonely. All of the people I love are either asleep or 1000 miles away so I’m just sucking it up and rubbing Bailey’s wee bald head while watching a spooky movie to take my mind off things. I hate when I let things like that affect me. I’m generally pretty in control of my emotions and had thought I was finally able to supplant emotion with logic, but sometimes you just deal the cards you’re dealt and try to make sense of everything.

Tuesday was day two of the 31 Days of Horror.
The movie selection was Devil’s Rejects. Like all of Zombie’s movies, it has it’s flaws, but the great throwback style of it more than makes up for it’s shortcomings and I found myself really getting into Mosely’s reinterpretation of Otis. Less cartoonish, toned down (removed?) the whole albino thing from HO1KC and more Charles Manson than serial killer as artist, he nails the 70s vibe perfectly.

I’m currently watching LOVELY MOLLY but that doesn’t count towards the 31 days challenge; it’s more a distraction to tide me over until sleep.


Photo: Mexican Diablo mache’. 


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