Tuesday 10.02.12

I woke up this morning (after a decent night’s sleep- five hours again!) to a dark, cool bedroom. The sun has been obscured by rain clouds all afternoon and it’s just a damned perfect October day off. Last night I started my THIRTY ONE DAYS OF HORROR FILMS countdown with Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses at the private theater that R&C set up. It was perfect; I moved the comfy leather couch (good lord if that thing could talk) to the center of the dance floor, grabbed a sack full of healthy snacks and settled in to what promises to be a great new addition to my routine.

I hadn’t watched House in quite a while and was surprised how well it held up. Sure it has it’s problems (Dr. Satan? WTF was he again?) but any time you have Bill Mosely calling someone a ‘bitch hog’ you’ve got my attention. I’ve got Devil’s Rejects on deck tonight and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 for Wednesday.  While I watch a lot of horror films I tend to mix up what I watch- for every disturbingly graphic cult film like Cannibal Holocaust that I watch I’m probably also going to be watching Princess Diaries or a ‘come back/feel good’ movie that’s designed for people who cry easily and think that the Notebook is the best film ever made. (Not that I’d throw a movie with both Ryan Gosling and James Garner under the bus)

But October is all about Horror. Gore. Splatter. Sci-fi. I’m trying to pull movies that I haven’t watch in a while, but there’s part of me that knows I’ll have to watch Halloween, have to watch Nightmare before Christmas, Night of the Living Dead… there are certain movies that I just associate so closely with Halloween/October that I even if I’ve watched them recently (and I think my last viewing of Carpenter’s classic was less than a month ago) I know that before the month is over I’ll have to revisit them.

In between all of the movie watchin’ I’ve been working on a gift for a friend’s birthday at the end of the month. I’ve been having a ball with it; lately I’ve been drawing a lot more and writing a lot more so it’s been fun to have another creative outlet, especially one that I used to have such a good time with. I’m a little behind right now but I still have time, so I’ll just keep at it and hope to get it in before Halloween.

I’m lacking motivation today. I don’t plan on going into the gym until later and Erin and I moved movie night to tomorrow so I’m just sort of stuck in sloth mode right now. I haven’t cooked a proper meal in a few days (salads and protein bars have been my diet lately with the AirBnb folks around) so if I can gussy up some motivation I’m going to head to Whole Foods and grab a protein and some veggies and, my head full of grandeur from watching six consecutive seasons of HELLS KITCHEN back to back, try to make a high protein low fat delicious dinner tonight. I’m thinking pork and porcini over sautéed field greens. That seems amazing, but so does laying in bed eating hard boiled eggs. And only one requires me to put pants on.

Photo: Jarbaby. I snuck a photo in the Mutter Museum because I don’t like rules. 


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