Monday 10.01.12


Halloween Month. I had planned to make no plans today, but I’m going to cruise Fandango and see if there are any horror movies out to set off my favorite month of the year. There’s probably not (just checked- Hotel Transylvania, The Possession and House at the End of the Street are my options) anything amazing out yet, but still, I try to do it every year, so I’ll make it work.

I slept pretty well last night. Got right to sleep around 3:45 and managed to sleep until 8:30am. When I woke up I didn’t stress out that I was up early, just cuddled up next to Bailey with the intention of staying awake and before I knew it, it was 10:30am and I had fallen back asleep with no frustration. Sure it was only an extra two hours, but that’s more sleep than I’ve had in ages so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep that going and not let the “poor sleep hygiene” get the best of me.

I spent yesterday afternoon with Mara; I convinced her to leave the studio where she was slaving over some schoolwork to join me for a 2:00pm showing of ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. I didn’t have much in the way of expectations; I hadn’t read the book but I sort of figured it was going to be a ‘generational’ thing that wouldn’t resonate with me as much as it did. Totally wrong. Quite a bit of it hit pretty close to home (which is why the old John Hughes movies were so relevant to my generation) and I found myself thinking a lot about it last night when I was relaxing before bed. It’s great when a movie is able to do that- make you think about it after you’re gone. I think I’m going to hop on my iPad and download the book today for my Fairmount Park picnic- I’m sure that it’ll really augment the experience of the movie and flesh out a lot of the plot that had to be cut out for time.

Aside from how great the movie was, it was nice to get Mara out of the studio. She’s been pushing herself really hard so I was glad to able to convince her to step away from work for a little bit. I’m blessed to have a really ace schedule with work- I see my friends and housemate working themselves ragged and here I am lazily watching Gordon Ramsey (still) and living up to my plan to make no plans.

(Several hours later)

I picked Hotel Transylvania.
I know. Not exactly a horror movie, but… Monsters. My other options didn’t work for me on a variety of levels, so I just kind of went with what was there. Still sets the mood for ‘Halloween Month’. It was… as expected. Fart jokes, quippy one liners. Standard ‘silly song’ schtick from both Sandler and Samberg… but there were monsters and Steve Buscemi was a werewolf- so I’m not going to bitch too much.

I’ve started converting some goodies to watch at the bar’s movie theater as well… some films I want to see ‘big screen’ as a reward for night time bike rides. Halloween, Reanimator,  (that’ll be saved for Falicia) House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre…. every time I walk into my living room I scan my DVD collection for potential films to watch on the big screen. I see a new obsession developing.

October is going to have a few rough days in it for me (I promise I’ll go more into that later) so I’m going to bust my ass to make the most of it to make up for the bad days. Next weekend we have OUTFEST and Quince Bazaar lined up which should be a good time. The following weekend I have NYCC for the Pushead signing/event which is going to be really rad. Then of course there’s Halloween, which as luck has it is on my day off this year; still haven’t made any plans for it but I’m sure I’ll fall in to something amazing.

Photo: Kaws V Pushead GID Companion.


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