Sunday 09.29.12

I can’t sleep.

That’s a sentiment I say a lot these days. It’s just past 7:00am and I’m goofing on the internet, working on a piece of art for my pen pal and trying not to get too frustrated with my inability to conk out. I had been doing my best to not resort to sleeping pills and there but for the grace of having no insurance I’d already be on them. It’s usually not like this; not being able to get to sleep. It’s usually getting to sleep with after a little resistance and then waking up a few hours later. I think I’m finally starting to psych myself out and am giving myself more sleep  issues than I started with.

I’m trying to just not think about it. Which doesn’t work too well when you’re blogging about it, I guess.

Tonight was fun. The full moon didn’t affect us as badly  as I had expected, there was a great energy in the bar and I had a visit from an old friend who I see way too infrequently which was a great way to finish out the night. We were able to catch up, be silly and even fool around (I told you there was going to be some how much is too much content here) a little.

(at this point I finally fell asleep. Around 7:30am. Woke back up at 10:30am and haven’t been able to get back to sleep)

So. As promised- the AirBnB situation.

Last month I read about it on one of the web communities (Last Sparrow Tattoo) that I’m part of and after checking it out, decided to throw caution to the wind and list my guestroom as a rental. I figured it would take a few weeks to get any interest; if any. That night I had my first inquiry. Two days later the guests arrived. Almost immediately after they left I had another booking. And then another.

It’s been a really pleasant experience so far; the extra money is going to help keep my budget more than balanced and every new person who stays reminds me that sometimes it’s ok for me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. I don’t spend too much time with the folks who rent the room- partially because of my schedule and partially because I want to give them their space, but it’s nice to be a part of people’s adventures. Most of them are traveling through for pleasure, so you’re meeting them on a high point in their life. Vacations, birthday trips, etc. Everyone has been super respectful of my house and I love getting their little notes when they check out.

I can’t say how long I’m going to keep up hosting an AirBnb room; now that I have Meg here I’m trying to balance it all out. I want it to be fair for she and I to actually have some privacy. Having strangers in the house can affect our ability to walk around with bedhead, in our underwear and not really having to be cautious about how tragic we look waking up after a long night working  in the gayborhood… but for now the money is right and the hassle negligent, so I’ll just takes it as it comes.

Anyway. I can’t get back to sleep, so I’m going to steal Mara and go see Perks of Being a Wallflower at the Ritz.

Photo: Polaroid Wall at Stephen and Heather’s Wedding. 


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