Saturday 09.29.12

I’ve been strangely busy lately. For me at least. This whole being social thing has it’s downsides and one of them is getting backed up on my domestic duties- Laundry, cleaning my room, etc. Having prepped the guest room/bathroom for my latest AirBnB guests (which reminds me- I still need to do an entry on the whole airbnb thing) I ran out of steam yesterday and my bedroom ended up a mess. So instead of leaving the house before work today I decided to play catchup. Sort and fold an entire basket worth of shirts and underpants. It ended up being way more time consuming than it should have, but I wanted to weed out all of the clothes that were too big for disposal; hanging on to XL shirts when you’re a medium isn’t practical and it’s kind of cathartic to remove them from rotation. So sort, remove, sort, fold, store. It took longer than you’d expect, which sort of hit on how long it had been since I’d done laundry. I need to get better about all of that.

The rest of the room cleaning went pretty quickly after that; just a matter of getting everything in it’s place and not taking breaks to watch Hell’s Kitchen or to devil Bailey. I still need to do some dusting (especially the stairs) but I seem to be mostly caught up now which is a giant relief. I get really stressed out when the house is messy.

Now that it’s officially fall I’m going to start working on my fall bucket list (see a few entries back) on my days off- I’ve already framed one of the pieces of art for the guest room and contracted someone to paint it for me, so I’m already two ahead of the curve. This “weekend” (for me- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) I’m going to try to bike out to Fairmount park with a picnic in my backpack and spend a lazy day out in the park. If I can convince someone to go with me I might even pack card games and a blanket. The lament of the bar lifestyle (well, one of them at least) is that most people don’t have off weekdays like we do, so it can be very  difficult to find someone with a similar schedule who is free to adventure. Fingers crossed.

We’ve been dealing with the standard ‘full moon’ nuttiness at the bar; every month you can bank on things getting weird around the full moon. We have to kick out more folks in two days than we do the rest of the month. Normally respectful customers have to be chided for bad behavior… I’m glad at least that the FM is now and not next weekend during Outfest. That’s going to be chaotic enough without having to deal with the extra helping of crazy that we’re getting tonight.



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