Thursday 09.27.12

Today kicked my ass.
If Tuesday was a lazy go to the movies sort of lackadaisical day, Wednesday was an industrious self imposed ballbreaker. I didn’t really know how it was going to go, since I woke up much later than normal. Noon. That should’t be that much of a treat given the hours I keep- staying up late and sleeping past noon should be my prerogative not my treat, but for some reason I just can’t trick my body into getting more than a few hours of sleep. But I woke up feeling rested and decided to put some extra gym time in to counterbalance how little I did/badly I ate while on vacation.

After my normal toning and hour of cardio on the elliptical I decided to push a little harder and take a spinning class to top it all off. The class was so-so. I didn’t want to stay too late so I didn’t go with my normal instructor; big mistake. The group dynamic of a spinning class is held together with a really good teacher and the early class just didn’t have that. He was sort of snarky and didn’t really mix things up which led to a sort of dull workout. Sure I still got the cardio, and I still felt it in my legs… but he just didn’t keep me engaged. C’est la Vie. I told Michael that I didn’t like the other instructor’s class, so from now on I’ll just stick with him.

I thought I was done with exertion for the day, but at 11:30pm my friend Mara asked me to go on a bike ride with her, and since we rarely get time together (she’s a busy student at UArts) I jumped out of the epsom bath I was relaxing in and pedaled over to her place right before the rain started.

Mara is always up for adventure, so the rain didn’t stop us and we made it to the Art Museum before it really started getting wet. We hid under a group of trees and caught up and stayed mostly dry (but my fenderless bike had sprayed my entire back with muck, so it didn’t really matter that the rain didn’t get me) until the rain passed, then biked over to LOVE PARK to take some #mycityatnight pictures of the sign/fountain. Usually there are sketchy people lurking around Love Park, but I guess the rain washed them away. I decided to test my mettle, take off my shoes and go for a stroll in the cesspool that is the fountain pool. Luckily for me I have my Hep A & B vaccinations. Still- it was fun and added a nice little cap to the ride before biking back to Mara’s (my first time visiting her new apartment that she’s lived in over a year!) and hanging out until I finally demanded she put herself to bed.

The most exciting news of the day (unless you consider discussion of my cardiovascular health absolutely
magnificent) was that while I was in Santa Cruz, Robert and Carmela set a projector up on the ‘Dance Floor’ of our bar that runs through an AppleTv.

Let that sink in- I now have access to my own movie theater. Sure we can stream Netflix, Hulu+ and all that jazz, but any video file that I drop into iTunes can be streamed through the digital projector and on to a 20 foot wide silver screen.

I don’t see me leaving for home immediately after my shifts anymore….. because I’ll be in our private movie theater. Yes. I just like saying it out loud. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I just converted Jodorowsky’s THE HOLY MOUNTAIN and a few Kenneth Anger films to test out after work tonight…. will probably have to mess around with the compression but it’s a great start.

And I just remembered that I have therapy today. In six hours. Guess I should probably call it a night?

Photos: Love Park after Midnight.


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