Wednesday 09.26.12

Cinema Overload?
After seeing DREDD yesterday I decided to do back-to-back movies today after this morning’s workout. Starting with THE MASTER at the Ritz V and continuing movie night with Erin at the Riverview for a showing of LAWLESS, today was all about movies. (even as I type this I’m currently watching the AVENGERS bluray)

The Master was good. Strange sexual undercurrent that I wasn’t expecting and less of an indictment of Scientology than I figured. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was captivating as Lancaster Dodd; while his son accuses him of being a fraud, you’re never quite certain whether Dodd believes he is or not. The film has a narrative, but it’s sort of loose. The story isn’t being driven to a conclusion; it’s more just a slice of life for the characters involved.

Lawless was the real surprise. I didn’t know going into it that Nick Cave did the screenplay, and even though I generally find Shia LaBeouf grating he wasn’t half bad; his Jack was a perfect compliment to Tom Hardy’s monosyllabic Forrest. Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska were both radiant and the soundtrack (already allocated) featured some great Ralph Stanley music as well as Nick Cave and Mark Lanegean.

Of course we ended our Riverview feature at the photo booth.

Otherwise today was great. I woke up early and finally got back into the gym groove. It was rough going at first; my body got used to not working out and eating poorly so I’m back on a daily gym session with steamed chicken and greens for a few days to even everything out. It’s not an easy process, but ultimately it’s worth it.

I spent the later part of the evening drawing; there’s currently gold pigment all over my fingers. I look like a huffer but it’s been fun to get up to some art. One piece is for my penpal; the other for our mail art group. As of right now I haven’t made plans for tomorrow (no more movies, I promise) so with any luck I’ll get both of them done and shipped out.

Photo: Art supplies.


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