Tuesday 09.25.12

My Monday of ‘no plans’ worked out wonderfully.
I caught a showing of DREDD (review follows) and wandered around Target before meeting a friend and unwinding/filling her in on the trip and catching up. I’ve reverted back to watching Supernatural and hanging out with the dog, having put off Open Air  with Erin, Shaun and MB until Wednesday night.

Speaking of Erin- (who I’ll also be seeing tomorrow as part of movie night) She posted a Fall Bucket List with her goals for the next few months. Ever eager to steal from my loved ones… here’s mine.

Fall 2012 Bucket List:

  • Get matching tattoos with Erin. We’ve been putting this off too long.
  • See a Musical on Broadway. Maybe Wicked.
  • Paint the guest room/get a new bed frame. Color is already picked out.
  • Frame screenprints for the guest room.
  • Get a room in Atlantic City on a cold day and walk along the beach.
  • Visit Austin, Texas.
  • Visit Richmond, Virginia.
  • Visit Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Picnic in Fairmount Park

I kept the list short in the hopes that I can do all of the things on it.
The matching tattoo with Erin is far overdue. We’re getting little matching movie tickets (like BFF hearts. How gross and awesome is that?) in honor of movie night. The musical is easy if I want to do it in Philly, but I really want to go to NYC and see something on Broadway. Obviously BOOK OF MORMON is on the top of the list, but I doubt I’ll be able to get tickets, so I’ll probably go with Wicked. I have soft spot for musicals but I never take the time to see them- I usually just download the cast album and call it a day.

Painting the guest room will be easy enough, though I may just hire someone to do it for me. While the latex isn’t the kind I’m allergic to, it still seems to irritate my skin. Visiting AC is perfect in the fall/winter. You can Priceline a good room for very little money and while a lot of the boardwalk stuff is closed, it’s still a really good time. The trips may present a problem, but I think I can knock out all of them since two are car trips and only one is a flight.

There’s part of me that doesn’t want to plan adventures- the best ones tend to be more spontaneous. But I think Erin has the right idea, so I’m stealing it and hoping to not only cross most of them off but add on to the list as I do.

Movie Review: Dredd. 

I was a huge fan of Judge Dredd back in the 1990s. I excitedly went to the theater to see the Stallone abortion and pretty much wrote off ever seeing a good version of Joe Dredd on the big screen. I was hesitant when I heard that the comic was being readapted, this time starring Karl Urban, but threw caution to the wind and checked it out this afternoon.

Well worth it.
They didn’t go too deep into exposition- a brief voiceover told us about the Megacities and introduced the concepts of Judges and then they go right into the story. They got the costume down almost dead on. Urban rocked it as Dredd and Olivia Thirlby did a great job as Anderson. (they kept the psychic powers, but there was still no Judge Death) There were a few bits that they didn’t get right (kids pull guns on Dredd…. Dredd would sentence not stun) but otherwise the character was pretty much perfect. Some of the locations/costumes/vehicles were too modern and not futuristic but still…

I hear the film flopped, so there’s probably not going to be a sequel. Check it out of you were a fan of the comic.



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