Sunday 09.23.12


My time on the west coast is almost over. In a few hours I’ll be on a plane to Dallas and eventually Philadelphia. As good of a time as I’ve had, and it’s been really laid back and fun, I miss my stinky little dog and sleeping in my own bed. Hopefully the flights home will be relaxing (I generally sleep through flights) and I’ll get back home with no incidents or delays.

UPDATE: I’m currently flying over Texarkana (I sprung for wifi) over an hour later than expected. American Airlines cancelled my outgoing flight on Thursday, put me on a flight with another carrier, and then delayed my return flight four times yet when I tried to change my ticket yesterday quoted me almost $500. Funny that. So as it turned out relaxing and incident free wasn’t in the cards.

The trip was great though. The wedding was beautiful. Heather looked lovely and everything was perfect. I looked pretty darned snazzy in the bow tie that Carmela had cut for me.

We spent Saturday afternoon on the beach, BBQ’ing with the wedding crew. There was rare meat fresh from the grill, cute little dogs and my beloved and ball achingly cold Pacific Ocean. Too cold for me to swim in but fine for a pant leg rolled up walk along the shore, letting the water come up to my shins and just being in love with how fortunate I am to have the friends and family that I have, and that this is my life.

We left the BBQ to speed down to SF for a few hours. I hadn’t been in going on 20 years. It was a short visit and sadly I missed Folsom Street fair by a day, but we still had a great time. Kathleen and Atom treated me to dinner at Fluer de Lys- good lord. The Kobe cheek was unbelievably tender; sweetbreads and spinach with black Truffles in cream sauce… And ending with a perfect souffles. I’ll be dreaming about that meal for a while….

I’m trying not to be melancholy about saying goodbye  to all of my west coast friends. The trip was about love and adventure so I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth and get sad about having to go our separate ways. There’ll be plenty more adventure happening soon enough.

Photo: Beach bum. Santa Cruz California.


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