Monday 09.24.12

I have n0 plans today. Nothing. There are a few maybes, like going to the gym or the movies or grocery store, but as of right now I’m sitting in bed with Bailey, watching Supernatural season 7 and just happily not having anything to do. Checking Fandago shows me that there’s a few films out that I want to see (Dredd! The Master!) but I don’t want to commit to them, since that would be a plan.

I’ve got plans tomorrow (Movie Night with Erin, Gym, errands) but I’ll let tomorrow be tomorrow and just focus on letting today take care of itself.  The last few days have been totally schedule oriented and it’s refreshing not to have anything on the books.

As expected, Bailey has been all over me today. I put him in his pajamas this morning and we’ve been two bums, eating apples (me) and treats (him) and being clingy, leaving me covered with little whispy red hairs and him pretty happy. He’s been getting pretty comfy with the Ugly Doll Yeti bootleg, so I’m sure by the time the novelty of me being here wears off he’ll forsake me for the Yeti, but until that happens I’ll take him curled up next to me with his jaunty little jammies on, pointing out which genre stars are on the current episode (Spike and Cordelia!)  to him (because he cares) and scratching behind his ears.

Couldn’t ask for much more out of today.

Photo: Bailey and Yeti.


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