Thursday 09.20.12

My bags are packed. Finally. All of the suit components are assembled, the beef jerky is on standby and the boarding passes have been printed. That means all that’s left is sleeping and tomorrow morning will start with adventure! I’ll be getting into Dallas, Texas around 2:10pm, and San Jose shortly after 7:00pm. I’m like a kid on Christmas eve, knowing that tomorrow I’ll be surrounded by so many friends. I can’t wait and I have a feeling that any sleep I get tonight will be hard earned.

Today went smoothly albeit a little boring; waiting for my package to be delivered was spent watching (you guessed it) Hell’s Kitchen and deviling Bailey (who I swear knows I’m leaving. He’s extra clingy) with a game of ‘I got your tail’ while obsessively checking the tracking page on to see where my package was.

To their credit UPS made the process go so much easier than Lasership; when he tried to deliver and I didn’t get to the door quickly enough he was already checking with a neighbor (the one I like) about leaving the package with him. Lasership would have likely left it on the front step or worse yet- marked it as delivered but take it back to their processing center like they did last time. Instead of emailing Lasership, emailing Amazon. calling customer service that’s legendarily terrible and still not having my item, UPS lived up to customer promise and I have a snazzy sharp looking new jacket for my trip. It made the whole killing time waiting for the delivery worth it.

Meg finally moved in- she and her friend were working on building a bed last time I spoke to her, so I guess it’s official now. It’ll be nice to have a presence in the house again and getting a text from her that read “when you come home from vacation we should do a roommate dinner” really made me happy. And she’s a cook, too… so if we decide to eat in instead of go out it’ll mean that I can have some kitchen time, which is great. I’ve always enjoyed the social aspect of cooking/food and it’s been too long since I’ve apron’d up and cooked with someone. I have a feeling we’ll be getting up to some culinary hijinks and that’s a good thing.

I ended the evening with a last minute pho dinner with my friend Maxine. We’ve been juggling attempts to meet up for a few days and it sort of all fell together tonight with no planning. I think that’s the key to socializing for me; when I try to plan stuff out it never works out, but when it’s a last minute thing it ends up working out perfectly. Catching up with her was great. It’s nice to be able to reconnect with locals who I actually like after years of being proactively antisocial. I could get used to this.

Photo: A truck I saw on my walk to pho with Maxine. 


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