Wednesday 09.19.12

Tuesday Night is movie night.
Surprisingly she chose Resident Evil for tonight’s selection. I think it has a subtitle, but the film was bad enough that googling it to specify which RE it was seems to be a waste of time that could be spent looking up at the episode of Hell’s Kitchen that I have on in the background of tonight’s blogging adventure.

It didn’t really seem like a movie as much as it was a collection of shooting/fighting scenes tied together by one liners and Milla Jovovich staring intensely into the camera to show how serious she was. And there was a startling lack of Zombies in it which is kind of odd for a zombie movie, but when Alice DID kill something, she looked really serious about it, so there was that.

For the last few years (since September 2009 with Jennifer’s Body) Erin and I have picked a movie based on a criteria that makes very little sense out of context (“Is that that one what that guy from the other movie saw? I liked that one, didn’t I? We’ll see that.”) to see at our local multiplex. We’ve seen some really amazing films over the years, and we’ve seen Translymania. That’s sort of the benchmark for a bad film- we’ve yet to see one worse so as long as it’s not “Transylmania Bad” I sort of feel like we got our money’s worth.

Recently we started photoboothing our Movie Nights, so there will be permanent reminders of my unchanging wardrobe and lack of original poses gracing the internet every Tuesday night.

Non cinema related, Tuesday was a really productive day. Total opposite of yesterday’s more laid back slothiness.
I managed to avoid the rain biking downtown, see Will Speed about a new tie that perfectly compliments my suit and attempted to buy a jacket. That didn’t go as well as the tie purchase. Realizing that I don’t have a jacket that fits anymore three days before going to Santa Cruz  left me very little time to get what I needed, and ultimately I ended up striking out. Each store I went to sent me to another, swearing they had the jacket I was looking for in stock. None did. But they had a similar jacket that I was able to try on for sizing, and against my better judgement I ordered the one I wanted via Amazon.

It’s no secret that I hate Amazon; nine years of my life wasted employed there exposed me to how horrible of an entity that it is… but a bargain is a bargain and it was cheaper than retail even with next day shipping. Which worries me, actually… especially since I used a $25 gift card that Lasership (worst shipping company I’ve ever dealt with, consistently) sent me after screwing up my last TWO Amazon deliveries. In theory I’ll get my much needed sized to fit outerwear tomorrow, so cross your fingers; it’ll be a chilly west coast vacation if they screw it up.

Tomorrow is Meg’s first day here. Very excited. She seems really rad and like I’ve mentioned already… seems like someone who’ll make the house more fun. It sucks that she’s moving in when I’m leaving the state, but I’m sure she’ll appreciate the peace and quiet.

I just realized how boring I am.

Photo: Movie Night Photobooth strip, Resident Evil. 


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