Wednesday 09.19.12

I’m bored but stuck at home waiting UPS, so I made pickles. Again. It’s a weird hobby to employ when you’re bored. You have to have cucumbers (I did) and whey (I did) and the spices that will make these the hottest batch yet (again, I did- a fresh habanero and more ghost pepper flakes) of pickles that you’re not even going to eat. The last batch went to Erin and Shaun, who’s feedback (heat ok, could be hotter and maybe more salt) went into making this most recent jar for my brother Robert. I also added some fresh garlic cloves and a bay leaf. I still need to find a good source of tannen (apparently black tea leaves work, as do oak leaves but those can cause bitterness) to help the sour pickles state a little more crispy, but otherwise I’m getting  happy with the trial and error success of lacto-fermenting.

I’m 98% packed right now, though I still have a few errands to run, including biking back into the bar to drop off some outgoing mail that my sister Carmela is going to get out for me and picking up a backup garment bag because the one I’m using for my suit right now smells like a swimming pool liner and it’s sort of making me uncomfortable. I managed to get everything but my dress shoes into a backpack, so  I won’t need to worry about American Airlines obnoxious $25 per bag checking fee if I can just get them in a side pocket or worst case scenario= pack my Chuck Taylors and wear dress shoes on the plane. I’d hate to resort to that, but I’d hate to be thwarted by AA even more, so we’ll see how it goes. I could always unpack some of the snacks in my bag, but I’d rather find a middle ground solution that doesn’t involve giving up my mound of Cliff Bars.

Otherwise all my ducks are mostly in a row. AV stuff to charge, memory cards to clear, ride to the airport to arrange and then it’s just a matter of hoping the flight is uneventful and making it to Texas to see Allen and Kristin then on to San Jose. I’m packing my ipad with the intention of blogging on the ‘road’ but I sincerely hope to be so busy I won’t have time to update.  I hope to be far too busy, but you never know. If you’re interested in keeping up with my California adventures in picture form- my instagram name is…. wait for it… @shawnporter

That will for sure get updated pretty often, or at least more often than everything else.

Photo: Lactofermented pickles with habanero and bhut jolokia, day one.


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