Tuesday 09.18.12

Today was the first time I spent all day goofing off in a while. No gym. No bike rides. No errands…. just hanging out with Bailey and relaxing. I even pulled a ‘magic beans’ and ended up accidentally going to the movies when I went out to get groceries. It felt great. I eventually felt guilty and did a bunch of sit-ups, but still… for the most part it was nice to spend a day not doing anything.

I had originally intended to go see Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX, but with gas over $4.00/gallon right now the drive to King of Prussia seemed inappropriate just to see a movie, so when I saw that it was playing at the Riverview I figured what the hell. I had a free soda coupon and a free soda, so for the price of the ticket I was able to see the theatrical Indiana Jones experience. I’m so glad that the local theater is starting to show more classic stuff. It’s no doubt influenced by Alamo’s success in showing older films (seeing a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse is on my bucket list for what it’s worth) but I’ll take it none the less. They’re going to be showing E.T. soon, but I think it’s a ‘one night only’ release versus a ‘huckstering for a dvd release cross promo’ like Indy was. I know that the Ritz chain was doing that last summer; Goonies, Back to the Future and a few others, but they tend to be on nights that I work. Such is bar life.

I didn’t manage my dry run in packing. I didn’t go get a new tie. I did however have my ‘Expediter of Awesome’ sister Kathleen save me $150 on my hotel costs by being more awesome than the entire internet. Luckily my reservations were refundable because she found me a better deal at a nicer hotel and was able to switch everything over painlessly. I’ve been really stressing about lodging but Kathleen kicking ass  has made everything perfect. The next two days are going to be full… I have to arrange a sitter for Bailey, get Meg moved in and finally… relax. Get on a plane. Get to Texas for brunch. Get to California.

I can’t help but be in a good mood tonight. I could be tidying up. I could be doing laundry. But I think I’ll continue the streak and keep watching Hells Kitchen (don’t judge me) and tugging on Bailey’s ears.

Photo: Chinatown. Arch Street at 3am. 


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