Monday 09.17.12

I bike by this godawful  yellow house six days a week. It’s a beacon of brightness when the sun hits it just right; distractingly bright for no good reason like living in a lemon meringue pie. As you can imagine, it’s my favorite house in the area and I’ve been meaning to take that extra 30 seconds to stop and snap some pictures of it for months now. I finally did it today. I don’t know why it makes me so happy, I just go with it. There were weird dolls in the windows that you can’t really see, so now I’m borderline obsessed with knocking on the door and telling the owners that I love their crazy yellow house and demanding a tour. I doubt that will happen, but it gives me a goal.

Today’s no plan plan worked out pretty well. I had a really great workout at the gym and still made it back in time to cook a proper dinner. Chicken and shrimp over mixed field greens (kale, mustard, collard) with a side of kimchi. A fraction of the cost of a local restaurant and I could barely finish it. I need to grab a few days worth of groceries so I’ll be able to cook every night until the Santa Cruz trip. Just the right ingredients to make multiple meals with the same parts but be able to mix up the flavor a bit. I’ve recently discovered Japanese eggplants and have been sort of overusing them, so I might try to introduce something new and different into my crisper. I’ll hit up the Asian supermarket tomorrow and see if anything grabs me.

Speaking of Santa Cruz… I need to do a dry run on packing tomorrow, which means I have to remember to bring my suit home from the bar and if possible actually follow through with that whole buying a tie plan in a timely fashion. I’m usually a last minute packer, but I’m trying to get better about that; especially since I’m sure American Airlines has a fee per bag these days and I’d like to cut that down as little as possible. Given that I wear the same outfit every day (clean of course- just no variety) packing isn’t difficult. But there’s the inclusion of dress shoes (and a reminder to myself to pack black socks) and fancy stuff, so… dry run.

I know I keep going on and on about SC, but christ I’m excited. I love Stephen and Heather so much and am very happy I get to be there to see them join together. I also get Kitty and Atom (my patrons and travel companions) and Barry and Tod… and I just found out my friend Sabi is coming which is amazing. I haven’t seen her in four years or so.. I might even get to meet my penpal Kristin during my layover at the Dallas airport (where I’ll also be seeing Allen, which is a bonus too!). Everything is coming up Milhouse so far aside from the accommodations hassle- and even that’s worked it self out.

Now I just have to get through the rest of tonight.

Photo: Bright Yellow House, 11th Street, Philadelphia. 


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