Sunday 09.16.12

Sleeping until 11am is nice.
One of the perks of my schedule is being able to sleep all day and justify it, but I’ve just never managed to get into that groove. I usually wake up around 9am, so these little dips into ‘sleeping in’ until 11 are great. Now that I’m up I’ve managed to do nothing. Ate a tablespoon of peanut butter, played with Bailey and now I’m laid back watching Wayne’s World. Party time. Excellent. I haven’t seen it in years and despite my utter amazement that Dana Carvey was ever considered funny, I’m loving it. It’s no “It’s Pat!” but it’ll get the day started well.

I’m going to try to get the to gym a little earlier than usual today- yesterday I rushed myself and wasn’t able to get back in time to cook dinner and I resorted yet again to eating out. I ate healthy, but the price of the salad plus tip would have been two meals for me had I cooked at home. I need to get better about that. For the last few months I pretty much cooked every meal, and now that I’m more able to balance my eating out options and keep them healthy, I’m doing that a little too much for my comfort. So that’s today’s only plan. And yes. I’m aware that I lead a pleasantly boring life when cooking dinner is my only goal for the day.

I still have to go tie shopping tomorrow for something to wear to the wedding next week, but with all that excitement re: cooking dinner tonight, I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I’ve got my eye on a nice tie that I saw when I picked my suit up, so I’ll probably make that my goal for my day off tomorrow. Go downtown and snazz myself up with a new cravat and maybe wander around in Fairmount park and see if the folks I had plans with want to join me. The weather is going to be beautiful tomorrow with fall rapidly creeping in and I’d love to start the season with a lazy day in the park.

I also need to take a few bags of clothes to either Buffalo Exchange or AIDS thrift. I just have to figure out if I’m feeling altruistic or greedy. Both come with their own hassles just depends on which one I find parking at first. I had wrestled with keeping all of my ‘too big clothes’ incase I have any weight fluctuations; but there are SO many jeans that are way too big that if, goodness forbid I DO regain the weight… I’ll just buy some new pants no harm no foul. I just don’t have the room to store 15 pairs of jeans that are  four sizes too big. That same logic applies to all of the shirts that are going, too. My mediums are loose, so I just can’t justify having 20 XL button up shirts taking up space in my closet when I don’t have room for the ones that fit. I’ll put that on the to-do list for when I get back from Santa Cruz.

Photo: Hallways of the Always. Exit runway from BALLY’s Casino, Las Vegas.


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