Saturday 09.15.12

Cooking Shows.
God Damn them and how they suck me in. I should be asleep. The last few days have worn me out and instead of getting much needed rest I’m investing myself into yet another cooking show. My ‘Master Chef’ binge last week was a gateway to harder shows. Now I’m stretched out eating grapes and watching Gordon Ramsey scream like an infant at the suckers who figured their 15 minutes is worth being degraded on television. And of course.. I’m hooked.

Just one more for tonight, I swear.

I spent a decent amount of time tonight talking to friends about Santa Cruz and how much I’m looking forward to getting out there, being there for  Stephen and Heather’s big day, being surrounded by friends who I rarely get to spend time with, dipping my toes in the Pacific, wandering around San Francisco with Kathleen and Atom..

Random Note: HULU+ versus Netlflix- The commercials are frustrating on Hulu, but… Gallagher is in one of them. Netflix needs more Gallagher.

Photo: Delivery Truck, NYC. Taken Aug 1. 2012


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