Thursday 09.13.09

I finally got a bit of motivation last night to finish up the ‘operation roommate’ cleaning fest in what’s going to become Meg’s room. There are still some odds and ends to move, but by and large everything is ready. I’m sure my garbage men weren’t thrilled this morning, but sometimes you just have to play the cards life has dealt you. At least it was all bagged. At this rate she’s pretty much good to move in whenever she’s ready. It made for a late night and for an early morning what with therapy at 11am, but I managed to get up and at ’em and made my appointment on time albeit a little groggy.

The appointment was good. Not a big revelation day but we were able to talk through some of the bigger things we worked on last week, and with skipping next week it felt good to get it all sorted out. I told her about a friend’s psychic vision re: December, (non December 2012 hysteria related) and we both got a chuckle out of it, and decided to see how that all works out.

I went back to the bar and immediately started painting on the Sports Bar. We’ve done a lot of work up there (with more to go) and painting is the latest step. It reinforced to me that when it comes time to repaint the spare room at the house… I should get someone else to do it. I’m ok with painting, but not great. That said, the walls took the paint well and we managed to get the entire floor done in about six hours or so with very little spillage. Next up is replacing the ceiling fans and the lighting fixtures. Most of the supplies are in the bar; just a matter of arranging the time to get to it. I’m really please with how that floor is shaping up. We’re a dive bar and proud of it, but it’s time to make it a nicer dive. I think that we’re doing really basic and practical upgrades that make it look modern but still working class and awesome. I hope the clientele agrees.

Pickle Update:
The Cilantro Half sours came out almost perfect. I need to adjust the salt ratio, but the brine from the lactofermented garlic really added a kick to it. I didn’t have any dill, so I used cilantro and coriander seeds. I’ll be making a spicy batch tomorrow after I extrude some whey from yogurt. I’ll try to update when they’re finished fermenting!

Photo: Flex Mentallo cover by Frank Quitely.


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