Wednesday 09.12.12

There is a light that never goes out.
I’m sitting in bed having just tidied up Meg’s room in preparation for her moving in this week; I’m not really finished cleaning, but I wanted to unwind after a long day, listen to some Morrissey and hang out with Bailey for a little bit before getting back into  it. Today was a rare day in that I had no plans going into it. I’ve been such a busy bee lately that it was nice to just sort of play the day by ear. The gym is a given but everything else I just sort of stumbled into.

Next stop was to see Will Speed. I picked up my suit for SC, and had the tailoring done. I’m having a tie crisis- for the life of me I STILL can’t tie the bow tie, but I’m going to pack it none the less as well as buying a new straight tie just in case. I hate being so vexed but I’m just not getting it. One way or the other I’ll look good for the wedding, but man I’d like it to be in the bow tie Carmela had cut for me.

After saying my (first) goodbyes to Will, I rushed to the Ritz East to see SAMSARA. Shot in 70mm it was the first film I’ve seen at the Ritz with their brand new 2k resolution digital projection. What a perfect movie for it. 70mm is a nice big format and the color saturation and image detail really looked great on the digital projection. For a film without a linear narrative I felt it ran a bit long, but the imagery was so striking that I forgave it. My only complaint- and this could totally be my perception and not the intention of the filmmakers- is that it had the typical ‘Tribal Warriors and Poor 3rd worlders are wise and beautiful and Westerners are fat consumerists’ bias. I don’t think they showed a single Westerner in a flattering light. A Caucasian family- Dad and two children blankly displaying their firearms; obese westerners shoving hamburgers in their mouths… strangely in opposition to the peaceful Muslims praying or Buddhist monks doing sand art. Maybe I’m reading too much into it?

The cinematography was so striking that I sort of don’t care what they were trying to say with it.

Three movies in three days. Not bad. I’m sad that I missed Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX, but the drive to KoP when gas is $4.07/Gallon seems excessive for a movie that’s going to cost over $15. Maybe I’ll go get the boxed set out of the basement and watch all of them sequentially to make up for it. Then again, maybe I won’t. I really should be cleaning the bedroom out.

The rest of the evening was spent at the gym, bullshitting at the bar with Will (again) and Edwin, with Robert for a little bit and then home. I made a quick dinner- chicken with a dark chocolate balsamic vinegar reduction, sautéed mixed greens and a salad. It was nice to whip something up. I’ve not been cooking lately and I need to get back to a schedule where I can make dinner every night. I’ve been eating healthy, just not balanced. A salad is great for dinner, but I was eating out too many nights the last few days. I grabbed some supplies to round out the weekend. Just a matter of prioritizing time; getting to the gym earlier, getting back to the house earlier and making cooking a priority.

Just like I keep saying I should make cleaning a priority, but here I am still sitting in bed and deviling Bailey. Motivation on these lazy days is hard to find sometimes. I need to make some mint tea, grab some grapes and get to work. Not check what’s new on Netflix or drawing a nice warm bath to read comic books in. (that’s coming. Maybe that will be my post cleaning reward?)

Photo: Waldo Sticker, Chestnut Street Philadelphia.


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