Wednesday 09.12.12

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I thought the 50 would wear me the heck out and I’d sleep until noon (god those were the days) but as per usual that wasn’t in the cards. I woke up earlier than comfortable and decided to make pickles. Yeah. Bike fifty miles, sleep three hours and wake up and make pickles. It’s not lost on me how weird the goings on in my house are.

This was a last minute pickling- I didn’t have fresh dill or whey, so I made due with what I had. Peppercorns, Mustard Seeds, Coriander and a bunch of cilantro mixed in with some of the liquid from the lactofermented garlic I did a few weeks ago. It’s nice and pungent- hopefully it will make for a nice sour pickle. I’ll know in three to five days.

Today was more relaxed than yesterday. Short bike ride into the bar, easy day at the gym (one hr. cardio, 30 mins toning) and a visit to see the infamous and awesome Will Speed at the Men’s Warehouse to get my suit tailored. That didn’t end well- the suit didn’t have a very flattering cut, and even with the tailoring wasn’t going to be as ‘perfect’ as I wanted- but Will is a man who makes men look good and he put together a new suit for me that’s much more flattering. I’m going in tomorrow to have a few bits of tailoring done, but I think it’s a great fit.

Another bike ride back home just in time to make it to the Riverview for movie night with Erin. We chose ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green” due to a lack of anything else we both wanted to see. It was super cute. Bad reviews from what I had seen, but overall it was a cute movie. I usually hate movies with child actors, but this one was fun. And weirdly enough written by one of Frank Zappa’s kids. And it had David Morse in it. So yeah. Better than the last few I’ve seen. Driving back from movie night was confusing; Erin and I have a routine and the routine has been changed and it’ll take me a while to get used to it. Our routines are very important to us.

I still want to try to see Samsara tomorrow. And maybe drive to KOP to see Indiana Jones in IMAX. So many movies.

Oh. And yeah. I gave the new roommate the thumbs up. I think she’ll be able to move in by Monday. It’ll be nice to have someone around the house and Meg seems like a good fit. I’m not sure how she’ll feel about having all the weird goings on in our house’s life (a roommate that wakes up and randomly makes pickles isn’t THAT weird I guess) broadcast on the internet, but hell…. she’ll get used to it. Always new adventures.

Photo: Lacto-fermenting Pickles.


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