Tuesday 09.11.12

Late last night I took longest bike ride I’ve ever taken. Mostly uphill. Pleasantly grueling. I had been up since 8am Monday and didn’t start the ride until 1:20am, but it was well worth it. 51.2 miles. My legs are jello. Decent portions of the ride were uphill. I had planned for 50, so I continually checked my GPS app so I’d know when I hit 25miles and know it was finally, blissfully, time to turn around and head back. That was daunting. I didn’t make it to 25, for the record. At a certain point I realized I’d have to make up the distance in looping patterns. I was already way too far out of my comfort zone and I didn’t want to hit a wall that far out of the city and find myself unable to ride back. But I managed it. By the time I rolled up to my front steps and hopped off my bike, I had made my goal plus 1.2 miles.

I remember a time when riding 1.2 miles had me panting.


Yesterday was a nice relaxing day for me at least, before the ride. I interviewed a potential roommate for the room on my floor that’s open. She seemed perfect and I’m probably going to approve her today or tomorrow. Living alone suits me, but the extra income will make it easier to make some changes in the house that need made, allow me a little more travel, and more importantly have that added human touch that’s sort of missing from the house. The little noises, the sense of presence. I hope it works out. We decided on a three month lease and then see about extending. If all goes well I’ll have her in by early next week. Then there’ll be that phase of learning each other’s habits (we both work nights. A block apart) and peculiarities before we setting into a groove. Exciting times lately.

I also attempted to go see Samsara at the Ritz, but that didn’t work out so well. Biked downtown, walked to the theater and saw a sign saying that due to audio problems, they wouldn’t be showing it until today. No problem. There was another Ritz in walking distance and ever practical, I had a backup film planned incase I didn’t make it to Samsara in time.

It was when I was grabbing the door to go in that I saw the sign that the theater was closed for renovation. So my backup was out.  No problem. There was another Ritz in walking distance. But this time I had no backup. I scanned the showings and nothing grabbed me, so I let Jeremy, the box office employee/concessioner, to pick one for me.

He chose BRANDED.

I wouldn’t say that he chose WELL, but I did put the ball in his court so I won’t complain. The film was a mess. A total waste of Max Von Sydow, terrible CGI, a plot that was all over the place and made little sense even when it MADE sense… but hell.. a bad night at the movies is still a good night for me.

Which reminds me that I still have to pick a movie for Erin and I to see tonight.

Otherwise today is going to be as full as yesterday was open. I have the gym, a trip to the tailor to have my suit worked on, possible early showing of Samsara… who the hell am I? Where’s the hermit that I used to be? I like it.


Photo: Branded Poster, outside of the Ritz Bourse. 


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