Saturday 09.08.12

Biking home tonight I regretted not packing a hoodie in my bag.
Finally. The summer wears me down. You’d think I’d be used to it, growing up in Florida, but that sickly combination of intense heat and overwhelming humidity is like my kryptonite. I’ve been more active this summer than ever, so I’ve patiently dealt with packing multiple changes of clothes for intermittent dry-offs, sleeping above the covers with my air-conditioner blasting and praying to the spacejesus for a little cold snap to alleviate my misery.

But tonight? Tonight I could have used a hoodie.

Fall is coming and I’ll be celebrating it in Santa Cruz, California, dipping my toes into the Pacific Ocean and being in awe that I’ve finally found a balance after a few months of  self imposed chaos and internal disharmony. My favorite season, my favorite Ocean (doesn’t everyone have a favorite ocean?) and being surrounded by some of my favorite people is a proposition that really sits well with me. It’s the talisman that’s going to get me through long days (like today) where fatigue  starts to wear me down and I fall asleep on the floor while construction goes on around me; it’s going to be my little obsession to fuss over; get my suit tailored, pick out a new tie, consider new shoes….

Fall is coming, and so are new adventures.

‘You have a difficult decision to make, but you should go for it’

Photo: Children’s Toy, Target. 


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