Friday 09.07.12

My life has been an adventure lately. More good days than bad and even a smattering of great days in there. Today was an odd one; started off with my return to therapy after a two week hiatus. Really good session today- we talked through an issue that popped up since the last session and set up a plan to work on it. I was really happy that one of my goals was met (sleep issues are getting better) and she was able to  give me some perspective that I needed on drawing lines.

I keep saying I’m going to cancel my weekly appointment soon, but every week I end up really glad that I went.

I skipped the gym to help out on a demo/construction project at work and it reinforced how much I love my job. Sweating like crazy with a pry bar in hand and covered in dust and I was having a ball. I spent most of the evening working on it as well after taking a breather to interview a potential roommate and socializing with one of my favorite customers. Such a departure from the oppressive environment of Amazon, where contempt was the main currency in any interaction between company and associate.


Photo: Result of a nosebleed. 


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