Wednesday 09.05.12

Today was an ass-kicker for me.
I had considered not going to the gym (I can’t believe I haven’t posted about the gym/fitness/health yet. I’ll bore you with that later) because of a pretty serious thunderstorm; but that kind of thinking leads to excuses and I’ve really been trying to stay motivated, so I put on dirty clothes from the hamper and consented to get soaked by riding to the gym on a day that would have been better spent in bed with Bails, watching movies.

But the ride was great. Cars seems oddly respectful of the soaking wet fella on the bicycle pedaling through puddles, wiping the rain from my face and practically hooting with joy from just being in the middle of all of it. The whole ride- 2.5 miles proper from door to door but I stretched it out into a longer one- seemed to be one big (metaphorical) green light. I felt like Mr. Toad careening out of control with brakes that weren’t cooperating but I managed to make it to the bar in one piece.

Which was good, because part one of three shipments of my CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY cards arrived. Means the other two sets should get here any time now. I’m more excited than I should be- and if any locals to the 19148 want to get together for a game- hit me up!

My workout today was a bit rough- I added more weight to my oblique and ab routine, and went an hour and thirty on the elliptical. Santa Cruz is coming up and I’d really like to be at a stable weight when I get my suit tailored. Have I become shallow? Maybe.

The bike ride home featured even more rain, but it was worth it to double time it because it was Tuesday, and Tuesday is movie night with Erin. She’ll likely get her own tag on this dairy (done and done) as she’s one of the more positive fixtures in my life. Every Tuesday we pick a movie at the Riverview theater- some good movies and some bad- and force ourselves out of the comfort of our weird routines to go see it. That in and of itself has become a routine which suits us both just fine. We’ve even added photobooth documentation to our visits, so those are steadily growing.

Tonight’s feature was the Bourne Legacy.

Not much to say about the movie. It wasn’t that good. They can’t all be winners.

I tend to look forward to the time spent with Erin more so than the movies we pick to see. That one little venting point of the week where I can freely bitch, complain, be a hypocrite, or an emo whinebag or whatever and there’s no judgement or even rational argument. We just listen to each other bitch, lament, congratulate, etc. When we miss a week I can for sure feel a difference in my mental attitude.

Speaking of Erin- it’s 2:00am eastern and I have to be up in a few hours to help her move.

Sleep well, internet.

Photo: Geometry Wheatpaste from Oriental Supermarket parking lot.


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