Sunday 09.02.12

Motivation finally won out and I was able to bike (in the rain) to the gym for today’s workout. I’m going to start mixing things up this coming week with guidance from a personal trainer; really looking forward to diversifying my routine. I like what I’ve got going on now so it can only get better.

After the gym I hustled down to the Bourse for a 4:10 showing of David Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS. I’d heard really negative reviews of it and apparently there have been more than  a few ‘walkouts’ but the folks in my theater stayed till the bitter end. I really enjoyed it but I can totally see how people could hate it. Cronenberg’s last few movies strayed from ‘Body Horror’ but while not a major plot line  Pattinson’s character Eric Packer suffers from a seeming fear of his body betraying him. I honestly can’t recommend it in good conscience. I think most people are going to hate it. But for my money it’s nice seeing a return to more ‘out there’ content from David Cronenberg and hell… who doesn’t want to see Robert Pattinson getting a prostate exam?

After the movie I got sucked into a great conversation with another fella who was coming out of the theater with the invariable ‘so what did you think’ leading way to a more broad discussion of cinema. As I sat down in the lobby of the Bourse Ritz with a total stranger to discuss cinema I found myself wondering ‘who the hell am I?” My infamous contempt for strangers and meeting new people, my notorious anti-social impulses and here I am sitting down with someone I don’t know and talking about the talkies. Sometimes I don’t even know who I am anymore and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Even returning to a regular blog has been a breath of fresh air for me; I maintained a diary for years on the old IAM.BME site and when I removed myself last August I sort of dropped out of the habit of keeping a proper diary. Brief Facebook updates and Twitter tweets for sure, but it’s been great to sit down and actually write down more than a ‘I’m at Target…Again’ one liners. Who knows if I’ll actually keep it up after the novelty wears off.

Photo: Cosmopolis Ticket, Ritz Bourse Philadelphia. 


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