Monday 09.03.12

What’s with this whole sleeping thing?
My insomnia had been getting progressively worse over the last few months, but I think my recent visitor helped reboot my circadian rhythm and I’m back to getting at least five hours of sleep a night. I know that’s still not a lot, but it’s a hell of a lot better than what I had been getting.

My dreams last night were odd though. So many random and unconnected fragments versus my usual more linear dreams. I’m used to a more lucid experience that I can influence; but last night it was scattershot stimuli just coming in waves. People I haven’t thought about in ages making appearances, places I’ve never visited and before I had a chance to fully digest them I was on to something else. When I finally woke up there was Bailey, right beside me, licking his legflaps and gently nudging me to get up and play with him. Overall I feel totally rested and very keen to try to sort out some of the dream content. Perhaps over a nice lunch. I need to text Mara and see what she’s up to today, once I locate my phone.

I’ll be interested to see if this ability to sleep carries on; I was getting really frustrated with my inability to sleep (I could get to sleep, just not maintain it) which I’m sure only fed into more insomnia. Cycles. It’s good to be aware of cycles but all too easy to be influenced by them. As with everything else in my life right now, I’ll take it as it comes, enjoy it while I get it and hope that it sticks around. I’m sure that’s a loaded sentence. I’m sure I meant it as a loaded sentence. But that too…. take it as it comes.

The only downside of this whole being rested thing- and it may not even be a downside- is that I’m so comfortable I’ve yet to get out of bed and start my day. I haven’t even checked if the gym is open today being a holiday and all, but I’m still stretched out in my comfy bed with my little dog, watching a movie that I started last night (Coming to America) and trying to plan my day. My days are usually pretty much pre-planned. This fly by the seat of my pants thing may or may not work out for me.

I should go downstairs and see if the Australians are still here. I haven’t heard any noise so far today so they may be out touristing. Nice folks. But the scene where Prince Akim goes to the fund raiser is on, and how could I miss that?

Photo: Movie Quote Board from Ritz Bourse. 


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