Sunday 09.02.12

I got up bright and early this morning so I could spend some quality time with Bailey. He crept out of his bed and noodled up against me and we watched a movie together before finally making the commitment to get out of bed and start our day.

For me that pretty much means take a shower, get dressed, meet the folks who’re staying in my guest room (long story there; perhaps for another entry) and motivate myself to bike to the gym in the rain.

For Bailey it means move about two feet from where he started and then lick his weird greyhound leg skin flaps until he falls back to sleep for the next five hours or so. Our friendship has a balance.

Yesterday I burned off some of my melancholy by cleaning my other guest room; it has become a catchall for things that needed moved out of the main room downstairs, and I figured it was best to police it before it started getting out of control. I managed to organize all of the kitchen gizmos into bins and pop them in the closet; throw away a bunch of empty boxes, get the Occult Vibrations and Scarwars shirts all organized, binned and boxed, all the spare bicycle parts put in an unused dresser drawer… still a lot of work to do but this is at least a start. I want to tackle my bedroom closet too, when I have time. (Who am I kidding…. I always have time. When I get motivation?)

A little fall cleaning never hurt anyone. Plus I’m sure Bailey would really like to lay in bed and lick himself while I do something other than watch movies, play with Play Doh (god I love Play Doh) or goof around on the internet.

I’ve got a few house projects going right now; the downstairs guest room is the most pressing. Painting, new bed frame, acquiring and framing some art- right now it’s sort of basic and boring and I really want to make it a lot nicer. Originally I was going to turn it into a dining room (which may still happen, honestly- the bed frame I’m getting will fit perfectly in the upstairs room as well, and the color scheme I’m going with is also dining room friendly) but in the short term I like having guests a floor away from me; makes my floor a little more secluded and private.

I’m tossing around the idea of actually hiring a crew to come in and paint the room though; I remember how frustrating painting is WITH a partner; the idea of me tackling it alone seems like I may end up imploding if there’s no one there to ward off my frustrations. I’ll be taking it from warm oranges to a more Tiffany blue (few shades darker) and with licorice red accents so I know the coverage will go easier than my normal damn fool idea of light over dark; just a matter of making sure I plan everything out and am patient with it and don’t get in a rush. There’s very little furniture in there right now (bed, bedside table and dresser; and with the exception of the mattress, all of that is getting discarded and replaced. So moving it out of the room has to happen anyway) so it shouldn’t be too terrible.

Slow and steady wins the race.



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