Saturday 09.01.12

I deleted my blog a few months ago.
It was a fit of melancholy; the post breakup maintenance of picking and choosing what to delete seemed too difficult, so I just deleted the whole site. Not sure why really- I don’t want to forget the last few years of my life or pretend they didn’t happen. I guess at the time it was just easier?

In any case.

Starting from scratch again.
I have a lot of blogs; I’m one of those guys who’s always documented their life- back in the 1990s it was through paper zines (which I still make- and coincidentally enough the title of my longest running zine was Sacred Debris) that I sent all over the world. Later on it was a website, then a blog, then a twitter…. but sometimes I want to say more than just a sentence or two. Other times not so much.

So that’s where we are right now. The desire to ramble on mindlessly even if people aren’t reading it. Sometimes content from my other blogs will get reblogged here. Other times it’ll just be silly pictures of my creepy dog and I. Not really sure. Just want to make sure that I don’t forget the good times. Or the bad times, hell. It can’t all be sunshine and flowers.

I’ll save the whole ‘introduction’ thing; when I have time I’ll put something on the about page. But if you take the time to read anything I write, thank you. Make sure to say hi and let me know you’re here.

Photo: Me at the Liberty Bell. 


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