Tuesday 04.08.2014


On 8th April 1990 the pilot episode of Lynch/Frost’s TWIN PEAKS premiered. I was fifteen years old, living with my cousin in Sacramento, California and by then was already a fan of Lynch’s work. I’d seen BLUE VELVET so many times that the clerk at the ARMCHAIR THEATER video store in Plant City had offered me a used copy since I was one of the few people in our small town who had rented it more than once.

As I watched that first episode I fell in love with the residents of Twin Peaks, Washington. Over the course of it’s two seasons (and eventual prequel) I discussed theories with my nerdy friends, bought TP zines through FACTSHEET FIVE and tried to be an apostle, spreading the gospel to everyone who would listen. When the series landed on laser disc I bought it. VHS. DVD. Patiently waiting for Blu Ray. With it’s residency on NETFLIX I watch it- in it’s entirety- at least once a year, starting with the pilot (including the alternate version) and ending with the movie.

Twenty four years. So strange that more than half of my life has been spent watching and discussing this show and I still love it; still find new things to discuss with other nerds as passionate about a night time soap starring the dude from Showgirls and Fox Mulder in drag.

I’ve been meaning to share the series with Julia- this is a perfect excuse to 2014s viewing. There’s been a lot of talk about Lynch reviving the series, tying up loose ends etc, but for me- it’s perfect just the way it is. The owls are not what they seem, and I for one don’t want to know any more than that. Lynch has moved into a new phase in his film making; one that I’m not a big fan of. A little too experimental for my tastes; I’m not really sure how he would reconcile his current aesthetic with a more traditional narrative. It was great seeing some of the gang back together on USA’s PSYCH (Dual Spires) a few years ago, but that’s enough.

unnamedIn non-tv news… Spring. Finally. It’s raining a lot, but at least it’s not snow. I’ve got a wee fat little bird sitting on the window sill chirping like he invented it, windows open and even Bailey is enjoying walks for more than just necessity. I’m feeling a lot more upbeat than I’ve been over the last few miserable Winter months. I went up to Asbury Park last week to get tattooed by Robert Ryan, and even though there was still a bit of chill left in the air, it felt amazing to drive down by the beach and smell the fresh ocean air. I had to pay for that little bit of awesome by getting a few hours of tattooing from my knee ditch to my butt cheek, but it was totally worth it. I’m hoping J has a weekday off soon so we can jump in the car and head to the beach before it gets too warm. No swimming (fish poop in it) but a relaxing day spent wandering around the boardwalk, picking up shells would be  just what the doctor ordered. Our year anniversary is coming up (in less than a month!) and it’s still feels like we’ve just went on our first date.

I have a really good feeling about Spring.

Wednesday 03.26.2014

1958190_10203083110186152_757754188_nI’ve been having sleeping problems again. The weather the last few months has made me super grouchy, so I’m assuming that’s playing into it. Despite having woken up early today, I find myself in bed with Julia conked out next to me, Bailey sleeping in his wee little Baileybed and me wide awake. Once I get to sleep- probably around four am, I’ll have four hours to sleep before the construction resumes on the house next door. After seven years of living here it’s finally sold; from what I understand to someone who had no idea what state of disrepair it was in. For his $60k he’s got himself a house that has a hole in the roof and a tree growing through the back door. His three man refurb crew are working tirelessly from 8am till about 5pm ,every day. Honestly, having entered the house questionably a few years ago, I don’t really see how they’re going to be able to do it. It’s beyond disrepair; even gutting it seems like it would be a risky proposition. Either way, I’m trying to get used to the constant hammering, sanding, knocking and nailing. I’m trying to make the most of the insomnia; editing video for Sacred Debris, working on a Big Book of Fun(tm) for Orlando, writing the intro to (redacted. More info soon) and trying to put to bed an article on the 1995 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention for a friend’s ‘zine. If I’m going to be awake, I should probably be doing more than just watching 1980s movies (currently: MEATBALLS.) and mindlessly surfing the Internets.

I’ve been trying really hard to get into the whole ‘Spring’ vibe, despite it being late March and as of earlier this evening, still snowing. Over the last few Garbage pickup days I’ve taken out several x-tra large bags of clutter culled from multiple closets; things that were just taking up space that served no purpose other than to take up space. I have a lot more to get to- books especially. Having finally given in to the while iBook thing and being able to host all of the Harry Potter books in the space of a few megabytes, I find myself not really needing the space-taking thick as all hell books. I found a box in my guest room closet of books I didn’t even know I had, books that I haven’t read in years so it’s not like I’d miss them if they were gone. I’m going to make an AIDSTHRIFT box in the next few days and get everything dropped off. Julia has been doing the same; I think it’s a nesting thing on both of our parts since she’ll be moving in permanently in just a few weeks. She all but lives here now, but I think that having all of her stuff- or at least what she chooses to keep- will make it seem more real. By the time she’s 100% moved in it’ll be our year anniversary. We’re still obnoxiously, goobery in love with each other (even when she falls asleep during Coraline) so our #neverendinghoneymoonphase tattoos kind of paid off.

animal-kingdom-villas-story-01-v1Speaking of, I’m going to try to convince her that we need to get a vacation tattoo when we go to Disney in a few weeks (54 days) to commemorate another rad family vacation. This time Robert, Carmela and B4 are going to be joining us, as will a cadre of BME Weirdos. We’ve been crossing the Ts and dotting the Is over the last few days- getting the hotel stuff squared, getting our park passes set up, flight information sorted out… it’s been keeping me  occupied as the last dregs of Winter fight for a little more time. All that’s left to do is figure out where and when we want to use our Fast Pass+ options- three per day -and then we’re done. We bought five day passes (and are going to add the Park Hopper option) so there’s a lot of fun to plan. I’m really looking forward to the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain, Star Tours and the surreality of wandering around the Disney family of parks surrounded by Storm Troopers, Jedi, Sith and the Weirdos who’re joining us on the trip.

Once all that’s sorted out… there’s Vegas for APP. Last year I promised my friend Bethra that I wouldn’t do my traditional ‘I don’t think I’m going next year’ thing for the 2014 Conference. I had a really great time last year despite the sombre task of delivering my friend Shannon’s eulogy at the Banquet. This year I’m going with very few set plans. I might take a few classes if they grab me; might go see Penn and Teller again, might just sit by the pool reading and bs’ing with friends.

I’ve been trying to do the same locally, too. I had a really great brunch with my old friend Lauren the other day at Cantina. We hadn’t done that in years- sit down and have dinner, shoot the breeze and just hang out. It’s always weird to me how friendships can just sort of pause for a while. Lauren and I were really ‘there for each other’ a few years ago when we were both going through a rough patch at the same time so I was worried that having brunch would dig up those memories for me; instead I found myself laughing with an old friend and hoping that we’ll be able to do it again soon. I’m also trying to make plans with the always-busy Natalie for some catchup time. Once the weather gets nicer I’m going to try to make seeing local friends a bigger priority. There’s no excuse not to see the people I love when they live so close.

There’s been a lot going on since the last time I updated; planning my 40th birthday party, finally getting my John the Baptist tattoo worked on in a few weeks, J and I got into a minor car accident… life has been and continues to be full of adventure.

Photo: Sansom Street wall. 

Thursday 02.13.2014


It’s a familiar sight.
Looking out the window and seeing snow. Always snow. Always ice. Always cold. More winter to come apparently and the city Government of Philadelphia- while not being remotely capable of actually plowing or salting our streets has set up a ‘rat line’ where citizens can dime out their neighbors for not shoveling snow on our sidewalks. Our Mayor has a small penis. That has nothing to do with his inability to handle the winter weather, it’s just a random fact to add a little snarky spice to my municipal griping.

Lately the bad weather has had me down, but due to Julia’s job being super proactive with weather emergencies, these snow days almost always guarantee that she and I can steal a day off together which kind of adds a silver lining to the altostratus that’s hanging over Philly pelting us with snow. I stocked the house with groceries and art supplies, so as the weather gets progressively worse tomorrow we’ll be well fed and entertained, and the Valentine’s day dinner I had planned for Julia- surf and turf with two nice aged ribeyes and shrimp- can now be a shared preparation since she’ll be home to apron up and assist me. When we started dating nine months ago, she confessed that she wasn’t a confident cook, but we’ve been having so much fun in the kitchen since we’ve been together that she’s improved by leaps and bounds and I find that our cooking dates are among my favorites; dancing around each other in my tiny kitchen each taking a task, talking about our day, deviling Bailey and finally eating the simple or complex plates we’ve made. We decided not to make a huge deal out of Valentine’s day since her birthday was Tuesday and we did that up pretty well, but something makes me think both have some surprises lined up for each other, though those dumb little chalky message hearts better not make an appearance; they give a bad name to candy.

(just checked. still snowing. 10-16 inches predicted)

I’ve been working on some fun mail-art projects this week thanks to one of those Facebook ‘pay it forward’ meme things; as someone who used to draw every day but has since lapsed it’s always fun to give myself excuses to make art, despite my technique being incredibly rusty. I’m really not sure what I’m going to do or if everyone is getting a drawing, but I picked up a bunch of ink and some new brushes so I’m excited to give them a try. I love getting stuff in the mail but I rarely send any out and I’ve been really trying to do more fun stuff for my friends so this seems to be the perfect fit. My art has never really been great, but it helps me focus my fidgeting.

Trying to stay positive during the winter takes a lot of work.

Monday 02.03.2014

1525207_10202651068345376_1114759902_nIt’s been a really long time since I’ve had the compulsion to count things.
Tonight I had a bit of an issue and had the overwhelming need to empty out a bottle of quarters and count and recount them until I could get the patterns to quiet down, but unfortunately I wasn’t at home and it doesn’t really work when it’s just random quarters. Instead I set up some boundaries that my friend Mike helped me enforce and attempted to work through it. I almost sent an email to Cynthia, but I got the impression on our last session that it wouldn’t be welcome. The jaded part of me reckons that it’s because I’m no longer a paying customer/client, but the realistic part of me realizes that a therapist can’t just ‘be there’ for all of their former clients.

Needless to say it took me by surprise. You work so hard to be ‘well’ and you realize that working hard is exactly what it us. There’s no fixed, just better tools to work on the project.

Winter has really been getting to me as well. Right now it’s almost 5am and I’m landlocked at the bar, unwilling to bike home in the rain- that promises to turn into snow later today but is at least melting the last round of it- and unwilling to get yet another cab to get home. At least I have Netflix and the Internet though I’m woefully understocked on snacks.

I’ve had a half written entry ready to be finished here for a while. It’s been over a month since the last update and even though this is just a space for me to keep track of my days I really enjoy writing here. Been really invested in the Sacred Debris blog, which is going well and seems to have found a small niche and level of support, so at least for now my time doesn’t feel wasted for putting the time in it. Luckily I’ve reached a point in my life where the second it goes from being fun to being a burden… I can just nix it. I hate going into a new project like that, but with SPCO and Scarwars I ended up having so many bad feelings about it. With SD- it’s fun. The nostalgia has been really rad and for the time being… it’s a go.

Julia and I took a Wintertrip to Atlantic City that was really fun; I like to go every season to enjoy AC when it’s empty and sort of a ghost town, walking the boardwalk and feeling like you’re the only person alive. This year in the middle of January we had a rare 50* day and AC was full of tourists- some in short sleeves, enjoying a spring day in heart of winter. What can you do; we still had a good time.

We also just had the Philly Tattoo Convention roll through. My feelings as always are pretty much summed up with a ‘not for me’ but I do love the friends that come into town because of it, so it’s worth it in the end.